With Hive-Logic you build

Self Awareness

of your natural strengths, beliefs and behaviours and how you can use them more effectively


for sustainable change in your organisation


to respond to the many changing demands of society, technology and regulations

Better Communication

of the value you and your teams deliver

Your Career Sweetspot

where you operate best at the intersection of your passion, strengths and societal needs.

"The pace of change in multinational companies, agencies and indeed life today has never been greater. Hive-Logic meets the needs of the Leaders in those organisations."


I founded Hive-Logic to share my significant experience and success in building and developing high performing teams world wide.  Most recently I have been supporting the Roche Global Transformation to become self-aware and Agile. I am Leadership Circle Profile Certified and support senior leadership teams and General Managers to become Agile in a sustainable way. I also facilitate Sprints, Hackathons and Design Thinking Programs.

My experience comes from more than 25 years’ success with Roche, most recently as the Functional Head within Roche setting up a new Global Scientific Communications Department, and previously with Novartis, Reckitt Benckiser, Sanofi and The Medicus Group of Agencies.  I have demonstrated leadership success in communications, training, sales, marketing, change management and business transformation in Medical Affairs, Commercial, Finance and Procurement.

I am an industry thought leader and commentator. I write a regular Leadership and Agility Column in Pharmaceutical Marketing Journal and am part of the HCA Healthcare Communications Association Think Tank.

Who I work with

  • I collaborate with like-minded experienced partners to deliver results in many areas, particularly facilitation and leadership development
  • I am an accredited individual and systemic team coach and am a teaching faculty member with the AoEC, Academy of Executive Coaching. Logo, Link
  • I am Leadership Circle Profile Qualified and use this powerful model to support individual Leaders and their Leadership teams and whole departments
  • I am experienced in Agile Transformation, Scrum and Sprint Methodologies, Design Thinking and Hackathons
  • I am an accredited coach with the ICF, International Coaching Federation. Logo, link.