Why Bees

In my spare time, my family and I are passionate about beekeeping. Bee keeping needs intellectual curiosity to observe and understand a complex systems, well thought out questioning and investigation and long term vision as well as practical skills. It is a huge topic and the more I learn, the more I realise there is left to learn. Our lives are like that too…and I enjoy the parallels between the organisation, structure and career development of the bees and the beehive and those of our work organisations, teams and human career development.  If you want to know more about how we can learn from the bees you will enjoy my TEDx introduction to the subject


All feedback is valuable. For each completed project, I will ask for meaningful feedback; what can be improved, how I can support you better in the future. For each completed survey, I will make a donation of Fr.100 to the charity, Bees for Development, an international charity, specialising in alleviating poverty through beekeeping.

Publications and Talks

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Journal. I write a regular Leadership & Agility Column.
  • I am invited to give regular key note talks, primarily on Agile Transformation
  • Or have some fun at TEDx Basel: From A to Bee: Life Lessons from inside a buzzy hive
  • On career topics for groups such as British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce: From Purpose to Passion: Finding your career sweet spot
  • Or on Leadership & Career Development for Basel University and Friederich Miescher Institute Post-Doctorate Program.
  • F.U.N. Fuck Up Nights coming soon..!


  • My natural curiosity about how teams function and how leaders shape their teams has drawn me to study coaching.
  • I first started to study coaching to be a ‘better line manager’ when I was tasked with restructuring a large finance and procurement department. I have since continued this academic and practical study of coaching by focusing on Systemic Team Coaching and I am currently studying for an Advanced Practitioner Diploma.
  • I am an accredited coach with the ICF, International Coaching Federation and am an active committee member of the ICF Basel Chapter. I am guided by their ethics.
  • I now teach people to become coaches as a faculty member with the AoEC, Academy of Executive Coaching.
  • I am also a certified user of the Leadership Circle Profile model.
  • I support a limited number of Senior Leaders in private 1:1 coaching. This can be done in person or virtually or a combination of the two.

My clients describe my style as asking the insightful questions in a supportive and constructive way

Is it time to invest in your future? Meet me to define where you want to get to and how to get there