Bees – why bees?

Philip Atkinson is the founder of Hive-Logic. In Philip’s spare time he and his children are passionate about beekeeping. It is fascinating to observe and understand a complex system. It is a huge topic!

“The more we learn, the more we realise there is a lot left to learn, the more we call ourselves beginners. Life is like that too…”

This is also a metaphor for understanding how large multinational organisations work. Philip is a frequent Key Note and conference speaker on this fascinating topic. If you are curious to know more you may enjoy the TEDx Talk below…

TEDx 3 Minute Popup Talk …

Beekeeping and Bees for Development

Hive-Logic is a corporate partner of Bees for Development. All feedback is valuable. For each completed project, we will ask for meaningful feedback. We then make a donation to the charity, Bees for Development, an international charity, specialising in alleviating poverty through beekeeping. If you would like to learn more about Bees for development, then please visit:

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