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Communities are important to learn together, share experience, and build connections. Come and join our ever-expanding community of professionals across multiple disciplines. Every month we host a Hive MeetUp and through other channels, we share ideas, inspiration, and best practice.

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This MeetUp is for everyone interested in Business Transformation and Performance and how organisations can become more agile.

Each meeting will include practical hands-on workshops and discussions.

This group is a safe community to learn and share knowledge and experience and to build a valuable network of peers.

Past events have included:

  • John Blakey, author of The Trusted Executive
  • Suzanne Kietselaer, Global Head of Coaching for the Leadership Circle Profile
  • John Leary-Joyce, founder of the Gestalt Institute and author of The Fertile Void and Systemic Team Coaching

Future Events include:

  • Focus on the Power of Coaching and Neuroscience
  • Team Coaching and Team Dynamics
  • Sustainable Business Development according to the UN SDG Goals